Resources for Teachers


Students who Thrived under Lockdown – references

Best Maths and English resources for teachers working remotely – free, comprehensive, from kindergarten to Year 13

Maths by remote learning – all ages, from fractions to calculus

Chemicool – based around the periodic table, all elements well explained

Huge video collection for all Sciences and STEM subjects

Science Projects at Home – lots of easy safe experiments for home

Science Toys – simple Science experiments that students can do at home

Physics Central – excellent resources for teachers and students on all major physics topics

Google Applied Digital Skills – free lessons in practical digital skills for teachers and students

2000 Museums to visit virtually

25 Best Websites for teachers for preparing remote learning lessons

Huge free Junior School resource base for remote learning – lots of videos, links and other interactive resources

Best Social Studies links museum tours and virtual field trips for remote learning

Best History links and resources for remote learning

Critical Thinking Web – huge resource base of lesson plans for teaching all aspects of critical thinking – available in English and Chinese

Teach Thought – 25 apps for teaching critical thinking

Tim Cavey – the primacy of thinking and learning skills over knowledge in a post-Covid19 world

Teaching Strategies of award-winning online instructors

Harvard Project Zero – thinking strategies for remote learning

Ramsey Musallam – great resources for teaching Science remotely

Free guide and resources for teaching about climate change

Teaching Maths remotely – Mathigon interactive, personalised textbook

Free online learning – huge database of links to free university level remote learning courses – many suitable for school

Kate Pechacek – practical strategies for assessment in the remote classroom plus Andrew Millerwith more

TEDEd Earth School – 30 earth-based, well resourced projects to do at home

Laura Lee – 7 guiding principles to pass on to parents teaching at home

Nora Fleming – meeting students SEL needs remotely

Edutopia video on keeping students engaged in virtual settings


Science Notes – lots of activities and experiments for children

Teachers Pay Teachers – great idea, great site for teachers to buy and sell lessons, all levels, all subjects

Maths Is Fun – from fractions to calculus, good site for teaching maths

Scientific American – good resources for many Science topics

Best sites for teaching the Sciences – Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Physics

Google Arts and Culture – amazing collection of resources and links

Web English Teacher – teaching English, English Literature & ESL, a huge lesson plan resource base plus paid tutorial service

Developing Understanding by Design – backwards design for teaching by Wiggins and McTighe

Thinking Skills Activities – for Grades 3-6

81 Thinking Skills Activities – worksheets provided

25 Resource links for Teaching Critical Thinking – from  TeachThought

Teaching Critical Thinking  – Glen Dewar’s tips for the deliberate teaching of critical thinking at all ages

100 Best Science Sites for Teachers –  the best science sites to find resources to design lessons around.

Teaching English –  a good UK site for the teaching of English, lots of lesson planners, exercises etc.

Busy Teacher – an English teaching site where teachers share their printable worksheets, lesson plans and lesson activities with colleagues for free, especially good for ESL.

ESL Cafe – Dave Sperling’s site for ESL and EFL teachers and learners – particularly good for games to play.

Freeology – Resources for teaching reading, grammar, numbers. These will suit Junior teachers mostly although has some great graphic organisers for higher level English.

Science Videos – Ten great science video sites.


All teachers should attend this course for themselves and to help their students. This comment applies equally to parents.