Lance King Videos


Beijing 2017, launch of ‘The Importance of Failing Well’ – interview available in Chinese and English
Chuyện Bên Ly Cafe – interview on Vietnamese national TV, breakfast programme 2017
New Zealand TV3 – interview on Breakfast Cafe Oct 2019 with Mel and Carly


The Teaching Revolution – teaching courage, resilience and failing well

IB Europe, Africa and the Middle East Conference, Madrid 2012

The Best Job in the World – story of my teaching life to date

IB Virtual Conference December 2020

ATL skills and the All Blacks – the global need for leadership training in critical thinking, principled judgement and the development of evidence based arguments, using the leadership model of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team

IB Asia Pacific Virtual Conference April 2021

Students who Thrived Under Lockdown – what can we learn from these students and how can we carry these gains forward into post-Covid education

IB Virtual Conference October 2021

The Gnostate Approach to developing Resilience – practical strategies for developing post-Covid resilience in both teachers and students.

IB Asia Pacific Virtual Conference April 2022


The Art of Learning for Parents
Developing resilience in teenage girls


Why study? Exam Confidence Part 1
Creating an Exam Study Timetable – Exam Confidence Part 2