Although now semi-retired Lance King still really enjoys delivering student courses and is available to do so anywhere in Asia – contact directly at [email protected] for boookings.

To benefit students in all other parts of the world Lance King now has a fully trained group of fabulous facilitators operating out of Lanterna Education in Stockhom – see below

Tim Hoffman of Lanterna Education is the person to contact for all student course bookings outside of Asia - contact him directly at [email protected]

Course Length

Student courses are available in full day or half-day format

Student Numbers

A maximum of 25 Year 5-9 students (Grade 4-8), 30 Year 10-13 students (Grade 9-12) per course but larger numbers can be considered by special arrangement.


Charged as a set fee per course (for one group of students) plus accommodation, travel and GST.

Parents’ and Teachers seminars available for no charge.

EXAM CONFIDENCE – for all students facing serious assessment pressures – GCSE, IGCSE, A-LEVELS, DP 

Practical skills for achieving well in all assessments and examinations.

Students will learn how to: reflect on, and learn from past assessment experience, keep focused and motivated throughout the year, overcome obstacles and challenges to study, create an effective study plan, set up their home study environment, find web resources to suit their own learning style, use key word summarising, overcome exam nerves, and use good exam room technique.

COURAGE, RESILIENCE AND FAILING WELL – for all students 13-18 years old – GCSE, IGCSE, A-LEVELS, MYP, DP, plus all  GATE students

A practical investigation of thinking

Student explore thinking in general and their own thinking in particular, the nature of intelligence and talent and the potential for development, the characteristics of resilience, thinking strategies for overcoming challenges and coping with difficulties, the role of belief and attribution in motivation, an experiential process for learning from mistakes, the connections between locus of control, optimism and pessimism, vulnerability and resilience and practical strategies for becoming a more resilient learner.


All teachers should attend this course for themselves and to help their students. This comment applies equally to parents.