By arrangement, Lance King is always available to deliver evening seminars for parents.

The other main strand of this programme involves the parents of your students. Research clearly shows that one of the most important determinants of student success at school is parental involvement but many parents don’t know how to get involved effectively. To help with this Lance King (if he is in your country – check his availability above) or one of our other presenters will be available to run a free, ninety minute seminar for parents in the evening. This evening seminar is not just for the parents of students enrolled in our courses but is for any school parents and will show them how they can support their children’s learning at home and help them develop more resilience and achieve greater success at school.

Courageous Parenting in a Digital Age:

Today’s children are a unique group in the history of the world, the first generation growing up immersed in the internet from birth. They have their own challenges which parents often don’t understand or quite know how to deal with. What is a healthy balance of digital and non-digital connection with the world? How can parents help their children to understand the important differences between their real and digital “selves”? Is constant immersion in the digital world a risk factor or a protection for children’s mental health? How can parents best address children’s needs and prepare them well for the digital age? This seminar will show parents how to bring up children who are courageous, resilient, and actively engaged with both the real and the digital world.

Courage Resilience and Failing Well:

The biggest problem facing most teenagers today is maintaining positive mental health. The pressure to both perform academically and “look good” in an increasingly competitive world driven by social media comparison is putting unreasonable demands on many young people. This seminar is full of practical tips for parents to help them support their children’s mental health, help them get organised, deal with pressure and stress, focus on what is important, develop more resilience and achieve greater success at school. The presentation will show parents the importance of 21st Century skills for their children’s future and will show them how to help their children take responsibility for their own successes and failures, learn from each one and become resilient, self-regulated learners..

Advertising fliers will be produced and supplied to each school for no charge to help promote these seminars

There is no maximum limit on numbers for either seminar but a minimum of 20 parents is required


All teachers should attend this course for themselves and to help their students. This comment applies equally to parents.