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These resources have been contributed by many people with a common mission – to design and implement a coherent and effective ATL programme. Please share them with others and contribute your own – send anything you would like to share to Lance at [email protected]


Aloha Lavina – The MYP Toolbox
Great resource covering many issues for MYP (and DP) teachers including how to implement ATL and teach using inquiry learning      [More … ]

Alexis Wiggins – Spider
Youtube clip of groupwork technique to promote deeper thinking and also teach the processes of effective collaboration and communication      [More … ]

Examples of Inquiry Questions in Science over many levels
From AusVELS – Australian Curriculum in Victoria – good examples of progression in complexity of inquiry questions in Science      [More … ]

Developing Global Awareness in the Classroom – Global Digital Citizen Foundation
18 great resources for use in the classroom – helping develop global awareness in students      [More … ]

Lessons in Effective Searching – from Google
Many multi-level lessons in developing key search and research skills      [More … ]

Harkness method of collaborative teaching at Phillips Exeter Academy
lots of information on the Harkness method – ideas behind and practices used      [More … ]