ALCHEMY – Student Course: 3 Day, Pre-DP, Summer break, ATL Skills Training 

Alchemy – Full Course Details

2023 DP ATL Teachers Survey


Six Steps to Teach an ATL Skill – free poster part 1

Six Steps to Teach an ATL Skill – free poster part 2

Maheswaran Balaraman – a wonderful Padlet containing a huge array of ATL resources for all programmes

Lance King – The Remote Learning Revolution

OECD – How well prepared for remote learning are students and schools worldwide

Head Start and ATL skills – good research paper on the efficacy of ATL skills

Jesse Martin on the urgent need for the development of thinking and learning skills today

Heather E. McGowan – Labour patterns in the USA and the fourth industrial revolution

Lance King – 21st C Skills and LALATAT 

IB Documents – e-books, exam papers, question banks, subject guides – loads of useful IB docs

Aloha Levina’s brilliant blog – The Learner’s Toolbox

Alison Yang’s excellent resources for ATL

Andy Vasili’s blog on ATL in the PYP

Youki Terada on Multiple Intelligences – great links and resources

Howard Gardner debunks learning styles and explains intelligence

How Learning Happens – great video resources for all Affective and Brain-based learning areas

60+ Edtech tools by subject

Great ideas for effective formative assessment

Integrating ATL in the EE – From Data to Implementation – from Upper Canada College

ATL Implementation Review – 2018 Case Study of ATL Implementation in one East Asia International School

Yong Zhao – Lessons that Matter: What should we learn from Asia’s school systems

Asia Society – Advancing 21st Century Competencies in East Asian Education Systems

Lance King – Literature Review of ATL Skills – suitable for MYP and DP – first pub 04/13

Lance King – Teaching Affective Skills first pub. 04/12

Lance King – Teaching with ATL in Mind at the DP level – full article first pub 06/13.

Lance King – Literature Review of ATT (Appoaches to Teaching) – first pub 05/13

Lance King – The Teaching Revolution and the IB – first pub. Nov 2012

Lance King – Student self-assessment rubric – Reflection on ATL skill development



> Communication Games and Activities from toddlers to college students

> Critial Reading – using a metacognitive approach

>Teaching Note Making and Summarizing
ASCD publication – full text, lots of great ideas and techniques, a must for all teachers

> Alexis Wiggins and SPIDER
Youtube clip of groupwork exercise to promote deeper thinking and teach the process of effective collaboration and communication
> Harkness method of collaborative teaching
Lots of clips on the Harkness method of “round-table” teaching focused on improving communication between students and teachers
> Teaching English – BBC – huge resource base
BBC – excellent resources – lesson plans, activities, links for teaching English to students of all ages
> Exercises for teaching listening skills
From India, a series of exercises adaptable to any subject which teach the skill of listening carefully
> Using Peer Feedback to develop Writing Skills
Lots of suggestions, lesson plans and resources for teaching all forms of communication
> Seven Tips for Giving and Receiving Feedback – from Grant Wiggins
How to make sure that feedback given to students works.


> 8 Social skills for young children and how to teach each one

> 20 Interactive teaching activities to promote collaboration in the classroom

> Learning collaboration in the classroom – fun ways for students to collaborate

> On-line tools for active student collaboration – Learning in Hand by Tony Vincent
Eight tools to use in the classroom
> Teaching Collaboration Effectively – Miriam Clifford
20 collaborative tips and strategies for teachers
> Aloha Lavina – The MYP Toolbox – on collaboration
Great resource covering many issues for MYP (and DP) teachers including how to implement ATL and teach using inquiry learning


>Developing Metacognitive Learning Practice 1 – first pub 2012
The metacognitive approach to performance improvement

>Maximise Your Practice TIme with Donna Schwarz – applied to music practice but applicable for all areas
Overcoming procrastination to get practice done – organisational strategies
> Exercises to Increase Concentration
Yoga based methods to understand and develop higher levels of concentration

Learn to Focus 


> Media Literacy Skills – good overview of today’s digital media influences
Great resources for teaching media literacy, videos, commentary, links to good sites.
> Research Skills – Google Lessons in Effective Searching
On-line lessons in effective searching – four parameters of searching at three age group levels
> Research Skills – Four NETS for Better Searching
Really simple four step process for more effective on-line searching
> Research Skills – 10 Tips for Better Searching
Simple stuff to teach students of all ages how to search more effectively
> Media Literacy Skills – another great resource for teaching media literacy
Good research material, information for teachers, parents, links etc
> History of Social Media
2016 piece on the history of social media platforms


> Critical Thinking Web – 100 free lessons for teaching all aspects of thinking

>Teach Thought – 25 resources for teaching critical thinking

> Thinking Skills – Digital tools for critical thinking aligned with Bloom’s taxonomy
Lots of resources for teaching critical thinking through the lens of Bloom’s taxonomy
> De Bono’s CoRT Thinking Programme – developing critical thinking
Slide share of the first 10 critical thinking skill exercises – use in any class
> Strategies for Teaching Critical and Creative Thinking
Distinctions, definitions and a framework for teaching critical and creative thinking
> Stanford d-school – Framework for Critical and Creative Thinking
Including the Library of Ambiguity – comprehensive resource for implementing critical and creative thinking in your classroom
> Great summary of models of critical and creative thinking
Find the thinking model that suits your subject and your students best
> Teacher Tools – how to teach thinking skills
Great resources, links, lessons
> Question Bank for developing analytical thinking and problem solving
From India – very useful questions and answers in all subjects to develop verbal and non-verbal reasoning & analytical thinking
> Logical Reasoning Test Practice Questions 
Useful to help students preparing for many exams


> Wabasabi Learning – great resources in all teaching and learning areas
Some good resources and systems that help get the shy kids involved whilst respecting their introversion 

> Diane Smith’s Youtube channel on Approaches to Teaching in the MYP
Great Youtube clips explaining many aspects of teaching in the MYP
> Developing Global Awareness in the Classroom – Global Digital Citizen Foundation
18 great resources for use in the classroom – helping develop global awareness in students
>Wiggins and McTighe – Summary of Resources for Essential (Inquiry) Questions
Good resources to help you write Inquiry questions
>Wiggins and McTighe – Chapter 1 from “Essential Questions”
Examples of Essential questions in many subjects and good explanations of how to write them 
> Many brilliant free lesson plans and resources in every subject at every level
British resources for teachers – some free, some with a fee
ATL Articulation – making connections – part 1 of 4
Aloha Lavina’s clear prescription for inculding ATL skills at the Unit Planner stage