About Us

Lance, Eric and Bianca between them deliver all of the teachers and parents workshops and together with two other very experienced New Zealand presenters also deliver many of the student courses.

Lance King

Lance King is an internationally recognized author, teacher and workshop facilitator who, in the last 24 years, has worked with over 250,000 students worldwide as well as many thousands of their teachers and parents.

He is the creator of the Art of Learning programme taught in over 300 schools in 34 countries and is a specialist in the direct teaching of ‘21st Century skills’. Within the International Baccalaureate Organisation (in 2012) he designed and developed the Approaches to Learning (ATL) framework for both the MYP and DP programmes which is currently being implemented in 4000 IB schools in 150 countries. He is a sought-after presenter for his workshops for teachers, students and parents and is also the author of six books on teaching and learning 21st C skills, two of which are now translated into both Chinese and French. Lance is married with four grown-up children, lives in Raglan, New Zealand and divides his time between delivering workshops around the world and writing.

Eric Lauzon

Eric Lauzon is an internationally recognized technology leader and author from Canada.

From 2009 to 2013, Eric served as global Chief Information Officer for the IB leading a global team whose mandate was to ensure the strategic, effective and efficient use of technology to drive and support an anticipated 10,000 IB World Schools and 2½ million students by 2020. Widely lauded as an industry visionary for his thought leadership, Eric’s views are regularly sought after by global audiences. Eric co-authored Building a Green IT Team in the Inside the Minds series of books and was a contributor to the One Laptop Per Child programme at MIT. Eric is fluent in 3 languages and having translated all of the Art of Learning student courses into both French and Spanish will be delivering and managing those programmes in French and Spanish speaking countries. He will also deliver the programmes in English. He has three grown-up children, and lives in Montreal, Canada.

Lance King

Bianca Duceppe is an internationally recognized consultant, workshop leader and she has been working in the field of education for over 22 year.

From 2012 to 2017, Bianca worked for SÉBIQ and served as the IB Relationship Manager for the French IB schools worldwide. Her mandate was to lead the management of all the site visits for 250 IB French institutions and ensure, as a school services leader, that programmes were properly implemented. Prior to this role, she was a school consultant for 8 years in multiple education institutions and specialized in professional development and pedagogical improvement. Bianca is fluent in three languages and she speaks some Italian as well. She will deliver the programmes in French and English. She has a son and lives in Montreal, Canada.

Malcolm Nicolson

Malcolm Nicolson is an internationally renowned curriculum developer, innovator, author, leader and workshop facilitator.

He is the Director of Erimus Education, providing bespoke workshop experiences, school support and curriculum design for schools in more than 20 countries. After teaching in the UK, Bahamas and Thailand, Malcolm became Head of MYP Development for the IB from 2007 till 2013 and Head of Diploma Programme Development from 2013 to 2015. Malcolm initiated and directed MYP: the next chapter, the first whole programme review conducted by the IB. He designed the conceptual curriculum model with an emphasis on ATL skills in context. Malcolm also guided the MYP department through a relocation from Cardiff to The Hague. As Head of Diploma Programme (DP) Development, he introduced ATL (Approaches to Teaching and Learning) to the DP and authored DP: From principles into practice (2015) and initiated research into student workload and flexibility in the DP. He can deliver any of the student and teacher courses in English, and recently co-authored the ‘DP Skills’ book with Lance King. Malcolm lives in Middlesbrough in the UK with his wife and two children.


Vinschools in Vietnam http://eng.vinschool.com/ is now partnered with the Art of Learning for the provision of a 21st Century Skills programme for all their schools.

Vinschools is the not-for-profit private school arm of the Vingroup http://vingroup.net/ which has opened 22 campuses in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City and has at present over 19,000 students enrolled. Lance King has designed a 21st Century Skills framework for VInschools to mesh with their core values, has written two textbooks for students and has trained 650 teachers in the implementation of their own 21st Century Skills project. We anticipate this will be an ongoing project for the Art of Learning and heralds many similar projects around the world..


All teachers should attend this course for themselves and to help their students. This comment applies equally to parents.